Studio D2D - New Loft Venue

Dan and Andrea DeWard, owners of Studio D2D, have been involved in the Michigan Wedding & Event industry for over 20 years. They, along with their very experienced team, participate with 75 - 100 Weddings & Events each year.


D2D's new "Loft Style" Events Venue - Downtown GR

Looking for a fresh, trendy, “urban chic” loft venue for your upcoming Wedding Reception or Corporate Event? Studio D2D has the new Venue! Dan & Andrea have just remodeled an amazing "Loft Style" Venue in Downtown Grand Rapids. Located in the historical turn of the century Steelcase factory, Studio D2D's Loft Style Venue features beautiful exposed brick facades, massive wood beams and large window treatments all combined with the latest in “must have” event amenities. Clients will enjoy easy planning for their event and will receive the Loft Style Venue, Tables, Chairs, Linens, DJ, Photo Booth, Up Lighting, TVs, Lounge Style Furniture, FREE Convenient Parking and more... All included in one Package! You just pick the Caterer from D2D's preferred vendor list provided and your set! Book your 2016 or 2017 now!


Experience is the Difference

Dan and Andrea will also be your personal event coordinators.

Dan will  even create you a personal planning Web Site

specifically for your event. Andrea will assist you with your

floral & decorating items. This will save you time, money,

and more importantly you can be comfortable knowing

your event  will be handled by the most experienced

wedding team in the Michigan area.

Dan & Andrea DeWard

Studio D2D - New Loft Venue

401 Hall Street SW - Box 80, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

NEW Loft Style Wedding & Event Venue Downtown GR

About Studio D2D's Historical Building - Plant No. 2

Before its incorporation as a city in 1850, Grand Rapids already had a small furniture industry, and beginning in the 1870s the manufacture of furniture began to be a major element of the City's economy. 

The Metal Office Furniture Company (later Steelcase) Plant No. 2, which features brick walls, wood beams and large windows, was constructed in 1908 by Terrell's Equipment Company. This building is located on the northwest corner of 131 and Hall Street and was constructed on the former railroad right-of-way and is now somewhat isolated from nearby industrial development by the freeway. A steep, wooded embankment at the west separates this historical building from the residential neighborhood.

The prosperity in the 1920's created a building boom, providing an increased demand for both residential and commercial furniture. In 1920, Terrell Manufacturing came under the new management of Metal Office Furniture Company (later Steelcase). 

From 1926 - 1958 innovative desks and tables were manufactured in Plant No. 2, including those designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for his S.C. Johnson & Company building.

In 1941, Steelcase began producing metal "Shipboard Board" furniture for the United States Navy. A Steelcase mess table was used for signing documents when the Japanese surrendered in World War II on board the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay on September 02, 1945. This table is on display in the main gallery at the Navy Academy Museum in Annapolis, Maryland.

In 1958, the operations of Plant No. 2 were transferred to the new manufacturing plant. This historical building has been re-purposed and is now home to Studio D2D's Loft Event Venue and others.  


Information & Article Credits to: Furniture City History / Grand Rapids Historical Commission


What Our Clients Say...



Rachel said... 
My husband and I viewed Studio D2Ds reception space during construction, but after speaking with Dan & Andrea and seeing the space, the decision was easy. We were looking for a venue that was unique and Studio D2D delivered. They were slightly over our budget, but with the packages to choose from and what you get for your money, it all evens out. Not only are Dan & Andrea professional, but they have years of experience in the wedding industry which helped things run smoothly. They were both present the day of our reception and even stayed until the end to help clean up. 



Kelsey Said...

I loved working with Dan and Andrea. It was awesome how I could use them for almost every aspect of my wedding and didnt have to worry about things going wrong. I think that I had the first wedding at there new venue and honestly, I dont think one thing went wrong. I got so many different compliments, it was amazing. I cannot thank them enough for everything. If you are looking for a package deal and dont want to trust 5 different vendors for music, photography, floral etc. this is the place to use! :)



Angela said... 
This was our favorite wedding vendor! They know what they're doing and everything was absolutely perfect with zero worry on my end. For engagement and wedding photos you get them back in about a week - fully complete. If you have a question they answer you immediately. The DJ was so much fun. The experience of this company is outstanding! Our photographer knew how to get everyone's attention for picture - she kept us on our time schedule and got all the shots I wanted and more. We're going to be using their photography services for family photos in the future.


Leah Said...

D2D did a fabulous job through the whole planning process and execution of our wedding. Everything was absolutely perfect, the entire staff was on top of things and guests were commenting on their attentiveness. The venue was simply stunning. I just can't say enough great things about it. I will definitely recommend them.